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New Reusable Packaging Technology Creatively Reduces Waste from Plastic Water Bottles

Examples of Eco Connect Bottle System Constructions. (Credit: Eco-Connect Bottle)

The Eco Connect Bottle® System is a patented container coupling technology that utilizes a precise exclusive recess molded into the bottle base. This enables empty bottles to be connected to each other, and allows functional connector pieces to construct household items: desks, tables, trash bins, storage cubes, toys, even building insulation. Users will be motivated to post their new, inventive re-uses for empties on various social media sites, which will help to keep empty water bottles out of waterways and landfills.

Currently, empty single-serve water bottles can only be recycled, or they get dumped in the trash. Since empty Eco Connect Bottles® can be recycled or re-used, the company’s communications will strongly emphasise the recycling message.  The Eco Connect Bottle® System supports The Circular Economy and Extended Producer Responsibility.

The concept is the invention of Steven Klein, a retired educator and the founder of the Learning Store, Ltd., a small chain of educational toy stores that makes playthings for children with disabilities.

The Eco Connect Bottle® System will add value to empty water bottles similar to the way the smart phone added value to cell phones. I truly believe this added value will be a determining factor when consumers choose which water brand they are going to purchase. This is a revolutionary concept that can benefit every household, and will be even more valuable in countries that do little or no recycling.

Steven Klein

The bottles will be manufactured for participating water brands via an exclusive association: a global leader in PET liquid packaging solutions, with 30,000 machines installed in over 190 countries. They can convert their existing operating machines to manufacture the proprietary Vacuum Seal Base Recess™ for the Eco Connect Bottle System.

The connector pieces will be sold online with free two-day shipping, and will be manufactured in the U.S by a company with over three decades of injection molding expertise. An expanding assortment of connector pieces, motors, and lights will continue to improve the system. The company plans to donate a percentage of connector piece purchases to water conservation programs. For participating water brands with affiliated products, connector pieces can be earned with points by buying a water company's related brands.

All of the pieces are currently ready for launch in the U.S, and in due course, worldwide. A sales-building licensing program will be offered to one water marketer for exclusive use or, alternatively, to a number of participating brands.

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