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Zero Carbon Project to List Energis Token Sale on Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Blockchain Exchange (GBX) token sale platform, the GBX GRID and subsequently, subject to formalities, be granted access to the secondary market, the GBX Digital Asset Exchange. The Energis token completed the rigorous listing process, in conjunction with Sponsor Firm AmaZix.

Rock of Gibraltar

The Zero Carbon Project is using blockchain to tackle climate change. In October, we plan to launch a Zero Carbon Market, where energy consumers can purchase a range of zero carbon energy, sourced from various technologies, including renewables, carbon neutral or nuclear. Our market place will allow competing energy suppliers to offer their services, in a price-compared like-for-like environment.

Blockchain technology has already shown its potential for innovation and its ability to affect real change within industries such as finance, logistics and even real estate. Now it’s time to put this technology to work to help make the world a better place. Our Energis token economy will provide the catalyst for changing consumers’ behaviour, by rewarding them for switching to zero carbon energy.

Derek Meyers, CEO of Zero Carbon Project.

The GBX aims to be a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and digital asset exchange. With more than 20,000 users, already KYC cleared potential participants, Zero Carbon Project’s acceptance on to the GBX GRID is a great start to this incredible token sale journey.

As the fourth token to be announced on the GBX GRID, the Energis token sale is following in the footsteps of other token issuers who have successfully leveraged the GBX, it’s community and it’s ever-growing userbase of KYC approved users.

We would like to thank AmaZix, our GBX Sponsor Firm for their extraordinary support to date. They’re help has been crucial in getting us to this point, including the rigorous listing process of the GBX and in a gruelling crypto market environment.

AmaZix are the world’s leading ICO community management firm ICO consultancy firm, who have provided ICO services to almost 100 clients. AmaZix became a GBX sponsor firm in order to be able to help clients list their tokens on the GBX GRID token sale platform and GBX digital asset exchange.


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