Scientific Partnership to Bring Climate Impact Data from Space to Citizens on Global Basis

Today Kayrros SAS, the leading global asset observation platform which detects, quantifies and traces emissions back to their original source, and impact technology pioneer Doconomy announce their partnership to bring real-time satellite data on greenhouse gas emissions directly to the fingertips of individual consumers.

Image Credit: Kayrros

Kayrros and Doconomy will work together to develop applications that give consumers access to the reality of greenhouse gas emissions in a concrete way, notably through greater transparency on direct and indirect emissions at the local level. The partners’ shared objective is to accelerate climate action at a grassroots level by raising public awareness of the rise in GHG emissions. The aim is to help individual consumers track their country’s climate footprint and empower them to take charge and fight global warming through personal action and  the choices they make in daily life.

With this partnership, Doconomy further invests in its educational efforts around carbon emissions aimed at both individuals and corporations. Building on its track record of making complex climate-impact data tangible and relevant to individuals, Doconomy will leverage its recognized creative talent and communications skills to design new ways to access Kayrros’s satellite-based measurements of carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

Kayrros will work with Doconomy to process and package its data with an eye to making them more relevant and targeted to individual consumers, educate the public on the respective shares of various sectors in their country’s climate footprint, and keep end-users informed of day-to-day changes in emission levels and the reasons for these changes.

The announcement of the partnership takes place at COP26 in Glasgow, recognizing the importance of significant collaborative efforts to bridge the gap towards solutions to climate change. The teams intend to deliver their beta products by spring 2022, enabling citizens to engage with real-time GHG emissions data wherever they are.

“We are incredibly excited about this partnership, which takes Kayrros's mission from the corporate terrain into the sphere of consumers and the general public.” said Antoine Rostand, CEO of Kayrros. “Combatting climate change is an issue for every individual, and yet there are few tools that quantify and communicate GHG emissions to consumers in a factual and accessible way. Our partnership with Doconomy will be a standard bearer for informing citizens globally of the challenge of climate change wherever they are situated and encouraging them to have a say on climate change.”

Looking at the data Kayrros can provide on global emissions, one is quite overwhelmed,” said Doconomy CEO Mathias Wikström. “We see great potential in this innovative partnership, which will enable us to communicate broadly about something that remains complex and at times unapproachable for the general public. We truly believe that this partnership has the potential to substantially contribute to further educating about the global effects of climate change.”

Consumer-facing emissions data will educate, engage and empower individuals to track greenhouse gas emissions at the local or country level in real-time and give them greater appreciation for how current emission levels measure against historical trends, deeper understanding of how changes in corporate practices and public policies can affect them, and greater control over their own private contribution to global warming.


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