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New Appliance Elminates The Need for Detergent or Hot Water When Washing Clothes

Pollution ravages the quality of water and air around the world. Families are exposed to dangerous chemicals everyday. Rising energy costs are forcing people to choose between food and fuel. Now, Living Life Better has teamed up with an international company to help save money and protect the environment in an unusual place -- the laundry room.

Living Life Better is offering a new appliance which attaches to a standard washing machine to replace the need for detergent and hot water, and is set to change the way North Americans do laundry.

"The benefits of this product are incredible," says Emil Gamm of Living Life Better. "Allergy relief, financial and energy savings, and a reduction in environmental pollution caused by the release of harmful laundry waste and wasted energy, are all benefits offered by this amazing new product."

The system works by injecting oxygen, peroxides and other gases into the wash water line, which bubbles into clothing to lift out dirt and odors. In addition, it adds small amounts of silver, a proven germ fighter, to the wash water. In NSF testing, this revolutionary product killed 99.9999% of bacteria -- without the use of bleach or hot water.

Because it cleans and kills germs without hot water, the system eliminates the need for hot water cycles, which means less energy, less pollution and less expense to the homeowner. The oxidizing bubbles replace detergents to lift dirt, so an owner saves money, and wear and tear on clothing.

This wonderful product potentially eliminates the need for detergents and other harsh cleansers that get into our water supply after washing. Detergents also wear out and weigh down clothes. When imbedded detergents are removed, towels get softer, colors get brighter, and allergic reactions to detergents are reduced or eliminated.

Living Life Better makes it clear that this is not a miracle product, and if a stain required pre-treatment in the past, it may require pre-treatment before washing in the treated water. However, Living Life Better also offers an organic, biodegradable laundry pre-treater for this purpose.

The technology in this new product has been successfully used for over a decade in hospitals, hotels and commercial laundromats. Now, Living Life Better has made this proven technology available to homeowners. Note that it has also received the prestigious "Certified Space Technology" certification from the NASA-affiliated Space Foundation.

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