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Envetec Announces Its “Breakthrough Level” Sponsorship with My Green Lab

Envetec Sustainable Technologies Limited ("Envetec"), the world's first and only cleantech company with a validated technology dedicated to treating and eradicating biohazardous laboratory waste and material, today announced its "Breakthrough Level" sponsorship with My Green Lab - the leading non-profit organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of scientific research.

"COP26 left us with a climate-to-do-list across all sectors, including My Green Lab showcasing that the global biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry alone has a significant and growing carbon footprint," said Malcolm Bell, Chairman and CEO of Envetec. "Leveraging innovative climate-friendly technology is fast becoming a priority in helping laboratories tackle waste, plastic use, energy, and water consumption. We are delighted to partner with My Green Lab, supporting their efforts to build a global culture of sustainability across all areas of science."

Underscored by Envetec's mission of "creating clean change" through its pioneering clean technology GENERATIONS, the company chose to sponsor My Green Lab for its comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability and the need for widespread action to reduce laboratory waste.

"My Green Lab mobilizes the scientific community to rethink and evaluate more sustainable alternatives through innovation, data and environmentally-focused programs," said James Connelly, My Green Lab CEO. "Sustainability requires a collective effort across the industry and we are excited to work alongside companies such as Envetec that are innovating around one of the most challenging issues in science which is plastic waste, to change the paradigm and dramatically reduce the footprint of scientific research."

My Green Lab was formed in 2013 to lead and unify scientists, vendors, designers, energy providers, and others in a shared drive to improve scientific research's social and environmental responsibility. My Green Lab's mission is to build a culture of sustainability in science to transform the industry into a global leader in environmental sustainability. Through education, community engagement, and market-leading certification tools, My Green Lab inspires the scientific community to integrate sustainability into everything they do.


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