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EU-Funded Global Collaboration Hub for Hydrogen Industry Launched

Crowdhelix, a global innovation network, has launched its new Hydrogen Helix to help accelerate innovation in hydrogen technologies.

The Hydrogen Helix brings together leading experts and organisations from across the hydrogen value chain, including pioneering researchers, world-renowned industry leaders and thought-leading policymakers to drive innovation in hydrogen technologies.

The Helix has been specifically designed to accelerate impact, exploitation and research dissemination across the sector so that it can contribute to a low-carbon society. Members of the Hydrogen Helix will also have access to a wide range of resources, including funding opportunities, networking events, and collaborative tools.

Crowdhelix CEO, Michael Browne, believes that collaboration will be a key that can help unlock the potential of hydrogen so that it can become a key part of the global energy mix.

"Hydrogen has the potential to play a key role in the transition to a low-carbon energy system”.

“As a result, countries and companies across the world are investing in research and development to improve the efficiency and sustainability of hydrogen production and use”.

"The Hydrogen Helix on the Crowdhelix platform will help bring together the best minds in the industry to drive innovation by accelerating the development of hydrogen technologies and solutions”.

University College London’s Professor Junwang Tang will lead the Hydrogen Helix. An internationally renowned expert in the fields of material chemistry and engineering, Professor Tang also heads up the GH2 project, a Horizon Europe and Innovate UK-funded research project that will anchor the Helix.

The GH2 project brings together an ambitious, multidisciplinary group of experienced partners including six research institutes, two SME’s and one technology organisation from nine different countries.

According to Professor Tang, the project underscores the kind of innovation that can be achieved through collaboration.

“I anticipate that the Hydrogen Helix will be able to foster future collaborations”.

“The GH2 project, for example, seeks to harness solar energy to develop a groundbreaking hydrogen production process that neither uses nor produces CO2 or environmentally harmful methane”.

“To achieve our goal, we have brought together expert researchers from Max-Planck Institute, University of Naples, University of Hong Kong, ETH Zurich, University College London, Leitat and innovation professionals from Crowdhelix”.

“I believe that by bringing these organisations together, we can maximise the innovation potential of the GH2 project”.

The Hydrogen Helix is the latest addition to Crowdhelix's network of Helixes, which includes platforms focused on topics such as AI, biotech, and sustainability.

Through its collaborative approach, Crowdhelix has already facilitated the development of a wide range of innovative solutions and technologies.


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