Next Generation Hybrid Vehicles Shipped to US Army

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. today announced that it has designed, developed and shipped a new generation of hybrid electric vehicles incorporating hydrogen internal combustion engines to the US Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) for deployment at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base (SANGB).

This deployment is part of a larger test and demonstration program involving TARDEC joint service partners around the country, in support of the US Army's 21st Century Base Initiative. The hydrogen powered vehicles will reduce emissions and provide an opportunity to verify and utilize the existing hydrogen refueling infrastructure. This delivery to SANGB continues the work of TARDEC to develop and demonstrate hydrogen technologies to assist in achieving its environmental and energy goals while advancing the commercialization of hydrogen technologies. Exercising hydrogen infrastructure and storage technologies help determine the commercial and military readiness for future deployments.

The hydrogen powered hybrid vehicles will be operated by the Army personnel and refueled at a Chevron Hydrogen station located at SANGB. The vehicles were evaluated under a rigorous Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) review to ensure safe refueling and operation at the base. Cold weather performance data will be collected and evaluated as part of this project. Initially three hybrid electric vehicles will be tested at SANGB for a period of 1 year. These three are the first batch of eleven that have been ordered by the US Army from Quantum, under a contract administered by the Aerospace Engineering Spectrum (AES). Three additional vehicles will be deployed at SANGB; with the remaining five deployed at other TARDEC joint service partners around the country.

The hydrogen hybrid electric vehicles utilize the Ford Escape platform and incorporate Quantum's advanced hydrogen system, including fuel injectors, fuel flow and pressure management systems, light-weight carbon fiber composite hydrogen storage systems and electronic vehicle management systems. The vehicles were developed at Quantum's advanced vehicle concept center in Lake Forest California. This center houses a state of the art engine development facility including in-house emission measurement capabilities and hybrid electric powertrain development capabilities.

"We are pleased and honored to support TARDEC in their advanced vehicle initiatives to reduce petroleum dependence, while supporting our troops," said Alan P. Niedzwiecki, President and CEO of Quantum. "This project provides us with a great opportunity to continue to showcase our hydrogen and hybrid electric technologies to the US Army. We look forward to building on this relationship to develop additional enhanced vehicle platforms for the US Army."

According to Harold Sanborn, TARDEC's Energy Infrastructure Team leader, "Our military's energy and fuel security begins with leveraging the significant commercial and federal resources being developed that expand our options to support our installations and our war fighters while being good stewards of the environment and progressive partners to the surrounding communities in which we work."

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