Looking to Environmentally Friendly Technologies to Solve Economic Problems in the US and California

Partly because of the recent financial downturn in the United States public schools have often had to look to creative means to fund important programs and priorities. One California school district has turned part of its focus to saving and even making money via the use of renewable energy in the form of solar power.

In response to a need to raise $6 million to build a new sports stadium, one high school campus in California's central valley is exploring ways to use its buildings' rooftops and other real estate to house solar panels in sufficient number to create a surplus producer of energy. This energy surplus will then be credited to surrounding schools within its district to help save money to pay for the construction of the stadium.

"When we first spoke to the school district they needed to see a savings program that could help them accomplish their goal of building a new stadium. Through a new opportunity in solar power generation we are assisting the district to achieve their goal more quickly and more easily than by other means," said Paul Galindo, Senior Consultant for Go Green Consultants.

Millions of Green Collar Jobs

Another longtime supporter of green energy, clean technology, and renewable resources, California's former Lieutenant Governor, Cruz Bustamante, mentioned that, "Cities are seeing their budgets deeply in the red and California's statewide governmental financial system is undergoing a terrible crisis." Part of the reason for this, according to Bustamante, is rapid declines in tax revenues as a result of lower home values spurred in part by the foreclosure crisis.

And yet, despite this sobering perspective, California is known around the world as a leading area for green, clean, and renewable resources technology. According to Cesar Diaz, the Deputy Legislative Director for the State Building and Constructions Trades Council of California, green tech is one of the most important business sectors that will create millions of good paying jobs in the near and distant future.

"With unemployment rapidly rising, our federal legislators should capture this golden opportunity to create more jobs and a stronger economy through investments in renewable energy and the high wage jobs the industry provides," said Diaz.

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