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New Makrolon Thermal Insulation Introduced by Bayer

In times of constantly rising energy costs consumers are looking more closely at building in an energy-conscious way and saving money in the long term through better insulation. The excellent thermal insulation properties of the new Makrolon multi UV 5M Energy product line from Bayer Sheet Europe in Darmstadt are the decisive factor for the commercial success of this innovative product. The multi wall sheets made of polycarbonate with a new M structure were launched in April 2008 and in the first months alone surpassed all sales targets, confirming the trend that energy-saving products are increasingly in demand in the building sector.

Bayer Sheet Europe, with the 5M products, is the first company to create a complete range intended primarily for private residential construction and to satisfy the demands of the market for products that are easy to use and save energy. "The success of the high insulation 5M Energy sheets has surpassed our goals for 2008” says Günther Winnerl, Head of Marketing at Bayer Sheet Europe and adds: "In only four months we were well ahead of expectations.”

Consumers have been won over by the excellent thermal insulation properties of these innovative Makrolon® multi UV 5M multi wall sheets. Especially energy-conscious customers rate very highly the energy savings of more than 20 per cent in comparison to standard sheets of the same thickness. In real terms that means a saving of around 2 litres of heating oil or 2.5 cubic metres of natural gas per square metre per year. A Ug value of 1.3 W/m²K at a thickness of 25 mm, or 1.1 W/m²K at a thickness of 32 mm and an unbeatable 1.0 W/m²K at a thickness of 40 mm, makes this type of multi wall sheet the best in the market today.

The 5M Energy sheets are easy to install on light substructures thanks to their low area weight but combined with high impact strength. A decisive factor in reducing building costs. As with all products from Bayer Sheet Europe, these sheets have a special co-extruded UV coating and are therefore completely weather-resistant. The 5M multi wall sheets are intended primarily for roofing outdoor buildings in residential properties, for example conservatories or verandas.

Bayer Sheet Europe have already successfully launched Makrolon® multi UV 4 layer multi wall sheets in 8 and 10 mm and the 6 layer multi wall sheets in thicknesses of 16 and 20 mm, also with high thermal insulation, with the latter used primarily for industrial construction. With the new launch of the 5M product range Bayer Sheet Europe has succeeded in creating products with a focus on residential buildings. This extensive range of products means that Bayer now has the right sheet for every field and application.

Makrolon multi® UV 5M is available in thicknesses of 25, 32 and 40 mm and widths of 980, 1200, 1230 and 2100 mm, in the colours transparent, white, bronze and the energy selective IQ-Relax model. The IQ-Relax line makes it possible to reduce the impact of heat, which is particularly high in conservatories, by up to fifty per cent in relation to the total energy transmission while maintaining the same incidence of light.

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