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Toxic Chinese Made Drywall Can Be Identified Using New Indicators

Americas Watchdog and its Homeowners Consumer Center have been leading the national, and state by state investigation of imported toxic Chinese drywall and is now saying, " we think charred or blackened electrical wires inside a new homes wall are the number one indicator of this potentially lethal building product.

Do not for one second think this problem is isolated to Florida. We have found the toxic Chinese drywall in California, Arizona, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, the Carolina's, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia and numerous other states." If a homeowner in any US state who purchased a new home, or condominium after 2000, has blackened, or charred electrical wires inside an interior electrical receptacle, there is a very good chance they have the imported toxic Chinese drywall in their home, and they should call the Homeowners Consumer Center immediately at 866-714-6466 or contact the group via their web site at Http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

According to Americas Watchdog, "at first we thought we could simply sample one or two pieces of drywall to see if it was the imported Chinese drywall. We quickly learned that most affected houses could have as many as four different drywall manufacturers, in the same house---some good---some toxic. However, in every house we have had tested, that turned out to have the toxic Chinese dry wall, we have discovered charred or blacked electrical wires inside a electrical receptacle boxes inside a homes interior."

What are the time frames for homes or condominiums that could have the toxic Chinese drywall?

The toxic Chinese drywall was first introduced to the US in late 2000 or early 2001 and was primarily used in new US subdivisions, condominiums or home remodeling jobs.

Is the toxic Chinese drywall limited to just Florida?
No. The largest ports of entry for the imported toxic Chinese drywall were Long Beach and Oakland, California. In the Pacific Northwest the largest ports were Seattle, Tacoma, Washington and Vancouver British Columbia. According to Americas Watchdog, "we actually believe, we will find more sub-divisions in Arizona's Phoenix & Tucson metro areas, California's Riverside County, Stockton, the Sacramento metro, Modesto, Fresno, San Jose, the Portland, Oregon metro and the Seattle, Tacoma, Washington metro areas. In addition the toxic Chinese drywall is all over the Washington DC metro, New Orleans and it covers the entire states of Texas & Hawaii.

A Note To All US Homeowners: "The toxic Chinese drywall is the worst environmental disaster to ever be faced by US homeowners."

As a Homeowner of a new home build after 2001 & in the peak years of 2004-2006 how can I tell if I have the Chinese drywall?

The Updated Toxic Chinese Drywall Indicators For Homeowners In Florida, California, Arizona & All US States:

  • Pull off five or six electrical face plates (Do Not Touch The Wires). If the copper ground wire or the electrical wires have turned black, or are charred, you should contact the Homeowners Consumer Center immediately at 866-714-6466, or contact them via their web site at Http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com
  • Homeowners who live in a home with toxic Chinese drywall may be suffering severe upper respiratory issues, headaches, nose bleeds, or other severe medical indications. According to the Homeowners Consumer Center, "one thing we hear all the time is, I feel terrible, or sick, when I am in the house. I go on vacation, or leave for a few days, and I feel better."
  • The home may have a slight or strong, sulphur, rotten egg or even acid type smell.
  • Air conditioning coils, stove top oven elements, and or refrigerator's may be failing at an usually high rate. According to the Homeowners Consumer Center, "we have talked to hundreds of people who have gone through three or four air conditioning coils since 2006.
  • Silver jewelry or silver wedding plates or flat ware may be tarnishing within months or even weeks.

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