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418 Wood Pellet Boilers from Eco Boilers Use the 100 Step Program

Eco Boilers offers a range of heating systems including wood pellet boilers and integrated pellet stoves/boilers designed for homes. The 418 wood pellet boiler available from the company operates with a 100 step program. It is equipped with a control panel that can go into a step back mode when the boiler reaches its set temperature. When the control panel is this step back mode, the boiler uses less amount of fuel and the radiator continues to produce heat.

418 Wood Pellet Boiler

The burner in the 418 pellet fuel boiler can change the power output with the every step back mode to save fuel. Once the desired temperature is reached, the burner slips back into the “Pause Fire” state or can go into the rest mode, depending on the program configuration.

With adjustable operation and electrical ignition, the pellet burner can provide maximum efficiency. The control system stops the feeding of pellets, when the system malfunctions or when the temperature is high. The pellet burner incorporates a 100 phase digital control system. A trained installer can adjust the auger timing, draw of the chimney and boiler temperature in the control system.

The 418 wood pellet boiler is made of MA 253 and SIS 316 stainless steel. It is equipped with an auger infeed, glass gasket, an adjustable auger shaft, and a removable bottom grate for easy cleaning. There is a display screen available for communicating data on boiler temperature. This pellet boiler from Eco Boilers has a power specification of 16 to 24kW. It comes with a height of 865mm, breadth of 386mm and length of 533mm, and weighs 160kg.


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