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Pelco PC1020 Commercial Biomass Boilers from Greenwood Technologies

Greenwood Technologies offers a range of commercial biomass boilers. The Pelco PC1020 biomass boiler has a total weight of 1,588 kilograms and measures 3 meters and 136 centimeters in height and width, respectively. This boiler operates in 220 volt and 20 ampere electrical conditions and has a maximum calorific value of 750,000 British Thermal Units. The burner of the Pelco PC1020 biomass boiler has an overall size of 51 centimeters. This boiler from Greenwood Technologies has a maximum water storage capacity of 492 liters.

Pelco Series Commerical Biomass Boiler

The Pelco PC1020 biomass boiler incorporates multiple fuel options along with features such as a stoker, a specialty flue system and an adjustable combustion air intake and exhaust option. The specialty flue system results in reduced emissions, while the stoker enhances the burning capacity of the biomass boiler. The commercial biomass boiler from Greenwood Technologies can be installed either indoors or outdoors and provides automatic operation. It comprises an ash removal unit, a feed auger and a flue cleaning unit. The hinged roof design of the boiler facilitates easy access.

The commercial biomass boiler from Greenwood Technologies consists of a computerized control panel that is specifically incorporated to monitor various functions of the boiler. This control panel has a beacon that contains maintenance indicators and operation warnings. The Pelco PC1020 biomass boiler has a firebox design with a rotating ash ring and a fuel stir finger. Some of the safety features of the boiler include a warning beacon, dual-door firebox access and a secure control panel. This boiler can be fixed directly onto an existing heating system in barns, offices, factories or shops.

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