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BFI Boilers Offers Hybrid Biomass Boilers

BFI Boilers offers a range of biomass boilers including the BFI Hybrid biomass boilers and BFI Aquatubular biomass boilers. The BFI Hybrid biomass boiler is known for the large amounts of steam or hot water that it produces. This boiler is available in a range of power outputs that range from 200BHP to 950BHP.

BFI Hybrid Biomass Boiler

This hybrid biomass boiler from BFI Boilers is used to generate large amounts of hot water and/or steam (thermal energy). The standard version of this boiler produces 7000 to 30,000 pounds of steam in an hour. The pressure obtained by this boiler ranges from 100psi to 450psi. Featuring a reliable and efficient automated feeding system, the hybrid biomass boiler can burn combustibles with any amount of moisture in them. The ash produced during the process is minimal, about 2 per cent the weight of dry bark. However, whatever amount is produced is removed automatically.

BFI Boilers offers complete installation and start up services to its customers. The company also provides repair and maintenance services for its BFI Hybrid biomass boilers. This boiler does not produce any greenhouse gases during its operations, keeping the environment clean and safe. This boiler from BFI Boilers complies by international standards of the ASME, Canada and America.


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