City of Longmont Host First Smarter, Safer, Greener House Contest

DaVinci Quest made a request of the Longmont City Council for a resolution giving permission to DaVinci Quest to hold an innovation contest planned to demonstrate technologies that can make a house smarter, safer and greener. A set of the Official Rules and other information regarding the Contest can be found at the DaVinci Quest website: DaVinci Quest. The resolution will be voted upon at the next Longmont City Council meeting on December 8, 2009.

The decision of the Longmont City Council will set the stage for the City of Longmont to be the first Host City of the Smarter, Safer, Greener House Contest. Teams will compete for bragging rights and a minimum cash prize of $500,000 by renovating homes within the City of Longmont. The criteria to win the Contest are set forth by DaVinci Quest in the Official Rules of the Contest. To win the Contest, a team must reduce energy consumption, produce new energy, store the energy onsite, reduce water consumption, reduce waste and control all activities from an electronic device within the home that also communicates with the City of Longmont on matters of public safety.

While awaiting the approval of the Longmont City Council, DaVinci Quest will begin granting priority numbers to teams and homeowners that wish to participate in the Contest. The size of the Contest will be limited by the number of homeowners who agree to make their homes available for renovation in the Contest, therefore obtaining a high priority number is important to assure participation in the Contest.

Team candidates may include:

  • individuals or organizations with new technology products for green or smart buildings
  • general contractors who specialize in 'green buildings' and 'intelligent building' upgrades
  • businesses who currently manufacture products commonly used in energy conservation, water conservation, energy production and storage, or home communication systems
  • students, civic groups or other organizations with an interest in energy conservation

To participate as a team, an individual or organization must pay an entry fee of $25,000 and sign a Contest Agreement. Each team will be matched with a homeowner and, where possible, with a team sponsor.

Any individual or organization interested in being a team in the Contest should go to Team Applications and complete a Team Application Form to obtain a priority number. Once the Contest is launched, team candidates will be contacted in order of their priority and matched with available homeowners.

Each homeowner will receive up to $25,000 in improvements for just $10,000. Homes must be located within the City of Longmont. Each homeowner will be matched with a team who will create a Renovation Plan that is subject to the approval of both the homeowner and the City of Longmont. Teams may spend up to $25,000 in renovation of a home; however the homeowner's responsibility will be limited to $15,000 which may be financed through the Boulder ClimateSmart program or a home improvement loan. Each homeowner will also be paid a participation fee of $5,000 by DaVinci Quest, so the net cost of improvements will be no more than $10,000.

Any owner of a home in Longmont interested in being a homeowner in the Contest should go to Homeowner Applications and complete a Homeowner Application Form to obtain a priority number. Once the Contest is launched, homeowners will be matched with teams in order of their priority.

Actual construction will be completed between June 1 and August 31, 2010 after teams have submitted Renovation Plans and received necessary building permits.

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