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A New Report on Management and Recycling of Waste Composites

Research and Markets has added a new report entitled “Management, Recycling and Reuse of Waste Composites" to their catalogue.

This report provides an in-depth analysis of recycling waste composites including its management and reuse. The growth of composites in many industries has started to increase, thus increasing the concerns about the disposal of these waste composites. This new report has five parts covering all the issues related to waste composites in a comprehensive manner.

Part one of the report provides an introduction to recycling of composites and management of waste composites. This part also includes legislations with regard to recycling of waste composites. Environmental regulations and permissions are also covered in the first part of the report. The second part of the report deals extensively with thermal technologies associated with recycling waste composites. It discusses various thermal methods and pyrolysis for waste composites recycling. Other technologies covered in this part include catalytic processing, fluidized bed pyrolysis, and advanced thermal treatment for energy recovery from composite wastes.

Mechanical technologies and methods for recycling composite wastes are discussed in the third part of the report. Additives required for upgrading recycled plastic composites, how to improve mechanical recycling are other subjects discussed in this part. The final chapter in the third part deals with issues related to durability and quality of recycled waste composites. Part four of the report deals with sustainable manufacture of composites. Recent developments and latest technologies for manufacturing composites are also discussed.

In the final part, the report provides case studies for recycling of waste composites in the airline industry, disposal of marine composites and composite boats, polymer composites in the construction industry and concrete recycling. Future trends in the composite waste disposal are also discussed in this final part.

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