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ACSA-A27/225kW Wind Mills with Disc Brakes

Waterline Alternative Energies offers the ACSA-A27/225kW wind mill that provides maximum output of 225 kilowatts. The wind power system has the ability to generate maximum energy under any wind condition. Every blade of the rotor is bolted on to the axle box by blade bearing. The main shaft of the wind system is forged and it is supported by spherical roller bearings.

ACSA-A27/225kW Wind Mills

The ACSA-A27/225kW wind mill is equipped with disc brake that includes non asbestos brake pads and hydraulic disc brake calipers. This wind system includes a two-stage gearbox that has parallel shafts. Two types of towers are available with the wind power system. The corrosion resistant, cone shaped tubular tower is made of steel and painted in white. The other tower option is steel galvanized lattice type.

The ACSA-A27/225kW wind mill features three fiberglass reinforced polyester blades. The other features of the wind power system are a control unit that is microprocessor controlled, double wound asynchronous generator, and a gear pump hydraulic station. The control unit monitors every significant function of the wind mill. It also displays data related to performance and operation. The rotor diameter of the wind system is 27 meters, featuring a swept area of 573 square meters. The hub height of the ACSA-A27/225kW wind system is 31.5 meters. The cut-in wind speed of the wind mill is 3.5m/s.


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