11 Good Energy Opens G2 Diesel Plant in Magnolia

11 Good Energy has opened its G2 Diesel plant in Magnolia, Ohio.. A total capacity of 16,500,000 gallons is expected to be produced by this plant every year. 11 Good Energy’s fuel is obtained from 99 percent of renewable and natural sources. G2 Diesel has brought about reductions in the maintenance cost and in emissions. An increase in horsepower and fuel efficiency has also been displayed by the G2 Diesel. This was demonstrated through testing. G2 Diesel has the capability of being used along with #2 diesel for any kind of diesel engine application.

Established in the May 2007, 11 Good Energy, a Delaware Corporation has been emphasizing the importance of carrying out proper social, economic, and environmental responsibilities and efficiently utilizing the natural resources.

Frederick C. Berndt, CEO of 11 Good Energy, remarked that the development of the G2 Diesel plant will enable the company to fulfill the expectations of its customer base besides allowing its fuel to be tested and used all over North America.

Source: www.11GoodEnergy.com

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