Novel Technology from HH2 Hydrogen Delivers Clean Air Exhaust Discharge in Vehicles

HH2 Hydrogen has developed a novel technology to help the planet. Hydrogen and oxygen gas vapors that are separately removed from water are created by the patent-pending HH2 system. This system inputs both these gases into the air cleaner intake. All kinds of fossil fuel vehicles can utilize the HH2 system that operates with CNG, gasoline and diesel.

Vehicles with the HH2 systems need not stop at stations to fill up Hydrogen and on-board storage is not required. OEMs, auto makers and manufactures from all over the world can license this system.

The HH2 system is a unique device that separates hydrogen and oxygen gas vapors from refined water. This separation process is carried out in small devices that are installed in vehicles. The HH2 system uses a minimum quantity of the excess energy present in vehicles in order to produce the exact amount of oxygen and hydrogen gases that are made to mix with the existing fuel. This mixing of the two gases with fuel results in total combustion of the fuel present in the combustion chambers of the engine.

The HH2 system with the help of the catalytic action burn most of the particulate matter, poisons, and fuel toxins. This gives out a clean warm moist air exhaust discharge. Vehicles that operate on premium fuels now can be operated with regular fuel using HH2 Hydrogen systems.

The HH2 system operates with a 12 Volt battery power and they also help in increasing the fuel economy by complete burning of fuels. This complete burning carried out in the engine results in easy running of the vehicle with cleaner air exhaust. HH2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Devices can be used for a very long period and they do not have moving parts.


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