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WindLogics Participates in Consortium for Wind Turbine Performance Research

WindLogics announced its participation in a consortium led by the University of Minnesota that was selected by the Department of Energy in order to study and improve the performance and reliability of wind turbines. WindLogics will work with University researchers to develop and approve an effective framework for high-resolution simulations of wind turbulence and its impact on the performance of wind turbines.

Mark Ahlstrom, CEO of WindLogics, remarked that an improvement in power generation and wind turbine performance can be brought about through a clear knowledge of the effects of wake turbulence and severe weather. Ahlstrom expects to enhance these improvements through its association with the University and other partners and investigators.

The installation of a Siemens 2.3 megawatt wind turbine at the University of Minnesota Outreach Research and Education (UMore) Park in Rosemount, Minnesota is part of the program. This research program is expected to complement other wake effect research at an operating wind farm that has been undertaken by WindLogics, the University of Minnesota and other partners.

A funding of up to $8 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is expected to be received by this consortium through the Department of Energy.  The agenda scheduled for this program includes an educational component and 11 research areas. The industrial partners participating in this program include 3M, Siemens Energy, Luna Innovations, Lockheed Martin, Barr Engineering, Honeywell, Eaton Corporation and WindLogics. Dakota County Technical College and Syracuse University are the academic partners.


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