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Mirant Corporation Completes Installation of Emission Reduction Technologies

Mirant Corporation’s newly constructed flue gas desulphurization systems have started its operations at the company’s three coal-fired electric generating systems in Maryland. This achievement is the result of the company’s multi-year effort to bring about reductions in the emissions of sulfur dioxide from the seven coal units with a total capacity of 2,473 megawatts.

Selective catalytic reduction systems were recently installed by Mirant as part of its comprehensive air pollution control strategy. These selective catalytic reduction systems were installed to reduce nitrogen oxides in three of the coal-fired units at the company’s Morgantown and Chalk Point generating stations. Mercury emissions will also be reduced by the flue gas desulphurization systems and the selective catalytic reduction systems. The usage of these systems will reduce emissions of mercury, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide by 80 percent, 90 percent and 98 percent, respectively.

Edward R. Muller, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Mirant, remarked that the company has invested a total of about $1.674 billion in its emission reduction technologies. This investment enables Mirant to meet the standards of Maryland’s Healthy Air Act and the company continues to supply dependable and efficient electricity to the greater Washington, DC region. Economic benefits are also achieved by the air quality control program through the creation of about sixty fresh full time positions at Mirant.


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