Environmentally Friendly Range Targets

EOD Technology, Inc. received notification that a US patent was issued for its GreenTargets(R), its live fire military range target, the company announced today. EODT's GreenTargets(R) are a primary component of EODT's RangeXchange(R) (RX) range sustainability program, designed to support training ranges long term.

The targets are a cost-effective, durable, environmentally superior alternative to using surplus military vehicles as targets. Designed to simulate typical military vehicles, air insertable, and designed for 360-degree live-fire access, GreenTargets(R) also strengthen air- to-ground training protocols.

"GreenTarget technology was based on our intimate knowledge of range operations and customer needs. These patented targets, combined with our full service RangeXchange offering, further establishes EODT as the strongest range sustainment solution available in the marketplace. Our customers really value the training flexibility the targets provide. We will continue to work with our customers to provide additional enhanced features for these unique targets to address all of their live fire target and range management needs," said Steve Voland, EODT's Vice President of Operations.

EODT has sold more than 200 GreenTargets(R) in the past two years at installations across the country. GreenTargets(R) can be purchased through GSA Advantage.

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