WaterFurnace Offers Envision Series Geothermal Pool Heaters

WaterFurnace manufactures and supplies a range of geothermal products such as heating and cooling systems for home and pool heating systems.  Envision series pool heaters adhere to strict quality standards and undergo computer controlled run tests during manufacture. This pool heater available from WaterFurnace is manufactured using quality components and designs. The Envision series pool heater is available without an earth loop.

Envision Series Geothermal Pool Heater

The Envision series geothermal pool heater utilizes the R410A refrigerant, which is non-ozone depleting and with low global warming potential. The refrigerant circuit design produces no combustion byproducts.  This geothermal pool heating system available from WaterFurnace incorporates a digital controls technology, which has a simple and precise control. The digital control has a set it and forget it design, with a one touch programming. It is easy to handle and maintain.

The design and the components of the Envision series geothermal pool heater help it to attain an increase of 25% in operating capacity. The operating cost of this pool heat pump is 60%, which is less compared to natural gas. This geothermal pool heating system offered by WaterFurnace has an output capacity ranging from 120,000 BTU/h to 160,000 BTU/h using 40 degrees to 80 degrees air temperature.

Source: http://www.waterfurnace.com

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