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The Handol 52 Angular Model Wood Stoves from NIBE Stoves

Handol is one of the brands of NIBE Stoves. The Handol 50 series woodburning stoves are cast iron stoves available in round or angular designs. The Handol 52 angular model wood stove is designed with covered sides. This cast iron stove can be connected at the back or with a straight or curved connecting pipe. It can be connected to the outer combustion air to supply air from outside.

Handol 52 Angular Model Wood Stove

The hot air outlet fixed on the side of the convection system provides maximum heat output. The Handol 52 angular model wood stove has several flanges under the top that helps in heating outer sides of the stove. It incorporates fire bars to keep the wood ready above the grate. The grate present inside the firebox helps to collect the ash in the ash-pan. This ash-pan is integrated with other designs and it can be easily emptied. This cast iron stove from Handol has adjustable feet and is supplied with a handle made of chrome.

The Handol 52 angular model wood stove has a maximum heat output from 3 to 7kW and a heating efficiency of 79%. It has a height of 825mm, depth of 425mm and a width of 495mm, and weighs 135kg. The clean burn system of this woodburning stove ignites the fuel and increases the heat output with less smoke.


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