Americas Wind Energy Offers AWE 52-900 Wind Turbines

Americas Wind Energy provides the AWE 52-900 wind turbine that is a direct drive turbine, offering 900kW output. The wind turbine features up wind rotor that is a three bladed rotor, rotating in the horizontal axis. The diameter of the rotor is 52 meters and the swept area is 2,082 square meters. The power of the rotor is regulated by pitch control. The variable speed of the rotor is 26rpm. The blades of the rotor can be pitched individually over its full span.

AWE 52-900 Wind Turbine

The AWE 52-900 wind turbine is available in three versions with 40, 50 and 70 meter high towers. It is also available in two different configurations that are 52-meter rotor diameter for class II wind situations and 54-meter rotor diameter for class III lower wind situations. The wind turbine features a tubular shaped tower that is tapered. The AWE 52-900 wind turbine is featured with parallel processing type of controller with serial all processes remote monitoring.

The AWE 52-900 horizontal axis wind turbine is equipped with synchronous type of generator that features active wound rotor field excitation, F class insulation and IP 54 protection. The inverter system of the wind turbine includes voltage source inverter and microprocessor controller. The inverter system provides output in the range of 600 to 690 volts. The grid coupling of the inverter system is AC_DC_AC. The AWE 52-900 wind turbine, manufactured by Americas Wind Energy, is suitable for areas with moderate to strong winds.


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