3.6 MW Series Wind Turbines from General Electric

General Electric manufactures 3.6 MW Series wind turbines. This turbine consists of three blades with a rotor diameter of 104 meters and a swept area of 8,496 square meters. It operates at varying speed conditions ranging from 8.5 rotations per minute to 15.3 rotations per minute. The wind turbine from General Electric has a fail safe braking system that comprises a hydraulic parking brake and electromechanical pitch control option that is incorporated in each blade. The 3.6 MW wind turbine also includes an IGBT frequency converter and double fed asynchronous generator.

3.6 MW Series Wind Turbine

This wind turbine from General Electric generates a power of 3,600 watts at a rated wind speed of 14 meters per second. The cut-in and cut-out wind speed of the 3.6 MW wind turbine are 3.5 meters per second and 27 meters per second, respectively. This turbine is controlled by a programmable logic controller and is installed on tubular steel towers. The electromechanical yaw system of the wind turbine is available with an automatic cable and wind direction sensor.

The 3.6 MW wind turbine also has an offshore container that provides protection to the various components such as the switchgears, control system and converters. The turbine from General Electric provides low noise operation due to various factors such as noise reduced nacelle, sound reduced gearbox and noise insulation of the generator and gearbox.

Source: http://www.gepower.com

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