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Nest Energy Systems Offers Solinator Solar Battery Chargers for Vehicles

Nest Energy Systems offers a range of solar products including the Solinator battery charger that is designed for batteries in vehicles. A vehicle battery gets recharged when the engine is on. In case the vehicle is not used for a while, the battery will loose charge slowly, even if the ignition key is not turned on. The battery charge will drain more if electronic devices such as cell phones, GPS, alarm system, tactical radio and DVD players are used in the vehicle.

Solinator Solar Battery Charger

The Solinator solar battery charger helps to maintain the battery in periodically used vehicles. The solar battery charger, provided by Nest Energy Systems, is suitable for vehicles that are usually parked outside under the sun. It can be used in emergency vehicles, police cruisers and rescue vehicles that often demand more electrical load. In addition, this battery charger helps in minimizing vehicle idling and fuel consumption.

Components of this battery charger include solar panel and charge controller. The solar panel is mounted on the rooftop, while the charge controller is installed near the battery under the hood. The charge controller is connected to the solar panel and the battery with two separate set of wires. The solar panel for the Solinator battery charger is available in different capacities ranging from 5 to 55 watts. The battery charger comes in 12 and 24 volt versions.


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