Eco S-80 Watt Small Home Solar Power Systems from Eco-Sun-Wind

Eco-Sun-Wind provides various types of solar power generation systems that are suitable for small homes. The Eco S-80 watt DC small home system, offered by the company, includes an 80-watt photovoltaic panel. The solar panel converts the solar energy into electricity. Other components of the solar power system include a battery and a charge controller. The sealed lead acid battery of the solar electric system features 110 ampere hours. This deep cycle solar battery stores the electricity produced by PV panel.

The Eco S-80 watt DC small home system is equipped with a 15 ampere charge controller that includes a meter. The charge controller helps in protecting the battery against over discharging and over charging. In addition, the solar PV system includes a 25-feet output cable to connect the array and controller, and a controller that is connected to battery cable.

The Eco S-80 watt DC small home system has the ability to power one 14-inch black and white television, four energy saving lights, one small DC fan and a CD player or radio. When the solar panel gets enough solar heat during the day, it can provide electricity to run the lights and television for a minimum of four hours in the night. This small solar electric system, offered by Eco-Sun-Wind, can be installed quickly. On request, a 1000-watt inverter along with 200-ampere fuse block PV array mount and a 5-feet cable can be provided with the system.


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