V90 Wind Turbines from Vestas

Vestas offers different models of wind turbines. The V90 wind turbine consists of a rotor in a total diameter of 90 meters. The rotor has a swept area of 6,362 square meters with a total of three blades. It operates at a speed of 16.1 rotations per minute. The turbine can be installed on towers with varying hub heights such as 80 meters and 105 meters. The V90 wind turbine generates 3 megawatts of power at a nominal wind speed of 15 meters per second. The cut-in and cut-out wind speeds of the turbine are 4 meters per second and 25 meters per second, respectively.

V90 Wind Turbine

The wind turbine from Vestas consists of an asynchronous generator that incorporates the OptiSpeed technology. This generator has the capacity to generate a power output of 3,000 kilowatts at a voltage and frequency of 1,000 volts and 50 Hertz, respectively. The type of gearboxes incorporated in the V90 wind turbine includes one helical and two planetary stage types, while the control options include a microprocessor-based control unit that is available with a remote monitoring option. The control unit of the turbine from Vestas controls different functions of the turbine.

The V90 wind turbine consists of different components such as an oil cooler, yaw gears, gearbox, hub controller, ultrasonic wind sensors, high voltage transformers, water cooler, pitch cylinder, mechanical disc brake and composite disc coupling.

Source: http://www.vestas.com

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