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Solar Swimming Pool Heating Devices from Solar Sun Rings

Solar Sun Rings designs solar swimming pool heating devices with passive solar heating mode. These passive pool heating devices, Solar Sun Rings, are manufactured using two vinyl sheets that are resistant to ultraviolet rays. 

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Device

Vinyl sheets used for designing Solar Sun Rings include blue colored sheets and colorless clear vinyl sheets. The blue colored vinyl sheet forms the lower layer, while the clear vinyl sheet forms the upper layer. The upper clear vinyl sheet layer is responsible for holding the insulating air and also helps to concentrate sunlight onto the blue colored layer. The blue layer has the capacity to absorb as much as 50 percent of available sunlight that is converted to heat. The Solar Sun Rings need to be inflated and placed on the water with the blue colored layer facing the water.  When the Solar Sun Rings are not in use, they should not be stored under direct sunlight.

Solar Sun Rings can be used during nights with the help of insulating air that is stored in the device. The insulating air stored in the upper vinyl layer functions as an insulating blanket and helps to retain the heat collected during the day. Solar Sun Rings also consist of six magnets that have been incorporated for minimizing the water hardness and enhancing the clarity of water. These magnets have been fixed specifically to facilitate rafting. Solar Sun Rings can be cleaned using white vinegar solution and sponge. This pool heating device is suitable for usage on salt or chlorinated water swimming pools.


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