L16RE-B Deep Cycle Batteries from Trojan Battery Company

Trojan Battery Company supplies different models of batteries for renewable energy applications. The Trojan deep cycle batteries are suitable for small wind, solar/photovoltaic and micro-hydro applications. Even in harsh environment conditions, deep cycle batteries can be used with renewable energy systems. The Trojan batteries deliver uninterrupted power.

L16RE-B Deep Cycle Batteries

The Renewable Energy (RE) Series batteries available from Trojan Battery Company are lead acid deep cycle batteries. The RE Series batteries such as L16RE-2V, L16RE-A, L16RE-B and T105-RE models are made of Maxguard XL separator with DuraGrid technology. The company also offers deep cycle batteries in flooded and dual purpose AGM types in 6V and 12V sizes, and also in maintenance free Deep-Cycle Gel types.

The L16RE-B deep cycle battery is available in a length of 295mm, width of 178mm and height of 450mm. It weighs up to 54kg. The deep cycle battery’s 20-hour rate is 370AH and its 100-hour rate is 410AH. Its voltage capacity is 6V. The terminal types used for the deep cycle battery are the following: Low Profile Terminal, High Profile Terminal, Wingnut Profile Terminal, Automotive Post Terminal, Automotive Post and Stud Terminal, Stud Terminal, Universal Terminal, Dual Wingnut Terminal and L-Terminal. The terminal of the L16RE-B deep cycle battery is L-Terminal (LT).

Source: http://www.trojan-battery.com

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