Vitocell-B 300 Stainless Steel Domestic Hot Water Tanks from North Solar Energy

North Solar Energy supplies a range of solar collectors and hot water tanks for domestic hot water heating. The Vitocell-B 300 stainless steel domestic hot water tank is equipped with a dual heat exchanger coil designed for solar heating purposes together with a heating boiler and solar collectors.

Vitocell-B 300 Stainless Steel Domestic Hot Water Tank

The Vitocell-B 300 domestic hot water tank receives heat from solar collectors that is transferred on to the water in the tank through the lower heat exchanger coil. The upper heat exchanger coil helps to reheat water through the heating boiler. Heat exchanger coils with their cone-shape facilitate higher energy transfer in the solar collectors. The stainless steel domestic hot water tank from North Solar Energy is constructed of SA240-316Ti stainless steel to provide long service life. The heat exchanger coil expands till the bottom of the tank and helps to heat the whole tank.

The Vitocell-B 300 hot water tank is wrapped around with the HCFC-free insulation for minimum standby losses. It is designed with two thermometers to display the temperature of the hot water at the midpoint of the tank and at the top. The heat exchanger coil is available in 25mm diameter. The length, width and height of the Vitocell-B 300 tank are 633mm, 704mm and 1779mm, respectively. The total weight of the hot water tank is 114kg and the system’s storage capacity is 300ltr.


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