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SunPower T10 Solar Roof Tiles from Clean Energy USA

Clean Energy USA supplies a range of solar panels manufactured by SunPower and GE Energy. The solar roof tiles, supplied by the company, are manufactured by SunPower. They are available in three models: SunPower PowerGuard, SunPower T5 solar roof tile and SunPower T10 solar roof tile. These solar tiles are suitable for commercial applications.

SunPower T10 Solar Roof Tiles

The SunPower T10 solar roof tile is supplied in a tilted design, which is tilted at an angle of 10-degree for higher energy output.  The T10 solar roof tile is made of lightweight and durable materials and its patented design resists against corrosion and winds. It can be customized to suit the size and requirements of any flat rooftop. The modular solar tile is easy to install with no mechanical roof attachments. Its aerodynamic stability makes it highly wind resistant.

The T10 solar roof tile features efficient and advanced solar panels and solar cells. The solar cells are available in all-back-contact design to reduce sun blockage for efficient output. Their uniform dark front provides velvety-black appearance. Solar panels are covered with transmission tempered glass of 3.22mm thickness for impact resistance and product stiffness. The array weight of the solar roof tile, supplied by Clean Energy USA, is less than 10.2kg/m2. The roof tile’s power output is 129W/m2. It resists wind up to 190km/hr.


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