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Solar Powered Air Conditioning Systems from Sopogy

Sopogy provides a range of solar solutions such as process heating, power generation, air conditioning and hybrid solutions. Solar powered air conditioning systems from the company are energy saving and are designed for industrial and commercial users.

Solar Powered Air Conditioning Systems

Vapor compression chillers are used to provide air conditioning. Solar air conditioning systems from Sopogy are designed using concentrated parabolic trough technology known as MicroCSP. The MicroCSP technology channels solar energy in a solar collector. When solar power goes into the panel, it is reflected onto a receiver through precise mirrors in order to circulate the heat transfer fluid. Heat transfer fluid goes through MicroCSP concentrators to increase fluid temperature and attain solar process heat. This solar process heat enables air conditioning systems to function.

The MicroCSP has the capacity to handle absorption chillers and closed system absorption to construct air conditioning systems. Air conditioning systems are combined with a solar array as process heat or power generation along with thermal heat. The solar powered air conditioning systems from Sopogy use a direct solar radiation of 850W/m2. They are available in two models, namely the SopoNova 4.0 and SopoFlare. The SopoNova 4.0 model has a length of 12ft and width of 5ft. Its center to center spacing is 8.5ft. The output capacity of the panel is 2.56kW. The panel’s daily output is 12.79kWh/panel/day and the annual output is 4,669kWh/panel/year.


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