Posted in | News | Solar Energy | Wind Power Releases Special Report on Alternative Energy, a provider of online investment advice, has published a 30-plus-pages special report on green energy stocks. The report features stocks such as Suntech Power Holdings, Cameco, Chemical & Mining Co. of Chile, Clean Fuels and Comverge.

In the published report, has exhaustively analyzed more than 35 stocks in product segments such as wind, batteries and fuel cells, geothermal, nuclear, solar, ethanol and biofuels, CNG, waste-to-energy, and smart grid industries. states that the solar energy segment has attracted the maximum number of investors amongst all green technologies, and that these production technologies allow for unused energy supplied to homes to be fed back into the grid, thus reducing the amount invoiced to the customer by the power company. According to the company, although solar energy cannot completely replace conventional fuels such as oil or propane for heating applications, solar panels can still reduce power-related costs considerably in comparison.

The special report details how silicon is used as the main component in the making of solar panels and the availability of other thin film panels manufactured using cadmium telluride. The report also compared the higher price of silicon due to short supply a few years ago with its current lower price due to abundant availability.

The report also mentions the changes in subsidizing policies followed by Germany and Spain and how the global credit crunch has stalled a number of solar installations in these markets.

The report also answers  some of the very pertinent questions related to select stocks.


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