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AGA Fusion Pellet Stove from Hagley Stoves

Hagley Stoves provides the AGA Fusion Pellet Stove, a  model with clean lines and a solid packed design. The AGA Fusion Pellet Stove has a built-in automatic heating control to provide comfortable room heating. This stove utilizes bio-mass wood pellets made from used waste wood or short rotation brushwood.

The AGA Fusion Pellet Stove

The AGA Fusion Pellet Stove offered by Hagley Stoves has an automatic start-up cycle that can be pre-set to suit the room heating requirements. The heat output capacity of this wood pellet stove can be adjusted from a minimum of 4.1 kW to a maximum of 13 kW. The built-in thermostat incorporated in this model can be used to adjust the heat to suit the room temperature. An optional remote thermostat is also available.

The pellet stove model offered by Hagley Stoves has a fuel efficiency of over 90% and this stove consumes an average of 1 kg pellet fuel per hour.


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