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Silver in Photovoltaics: 2010, Nanomarkets Report

Silver in Photovoltaics: 2010, Nanomarkets Report

Silver in Photovoltaics: 2010 identifies and quantifies the opportunities for silver and silver products in the rapidly changing photovoltaics (PV) industry. Silver in Photovoltaics: 2010 considers silver inks and pastes and various hybrid materials that are used in PV; materials such as transparent conductive silver-containing composites.

With the end of the silicon shortage, crystalline silicon, for which silver is the dominant electrode material, seems less threatened by thin film PV (TFPV) than it did a year or so back. How good is this news for silver? TFPV, in its various forms, is still expected to gain share in the PV market and has yet to firm up on the electrode materials that it will use going forward. As TFPV technologies mature, will silver be a winner or loser?

Silver in Photovoltaics: 2010 answers these questions and many more. Silver in Photovoltaics: 2010 also examines the potential revenues for silver in PV in the light of NanoMarkets’ revised PV projections given the current economic situation and prospects for renewable energy worldwide

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