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Markets for OLED Materials: 2010, Nanomarkets Report

Markets for OLED Materials: 2010, Nanomarkets Report

Markets for OLED Materials: 2010 contains NanoMarkets latest analysis and forecasts of the OLED materials market. Our new appraisal of this market is viewed from the perspective of the world's ongoing economic problems and especially from the shift in the applications space; plans to launch large OLED display panels were put on hold by several suppliers in 2009, while OLED lighting is exciting the attention of both lighting and OLED firms. These changes obviously have a significant impact on what materials are needed in the OLED space and how materials firms can make money.

What hasn't changed, however, is that almost all of the applications in which OLEDs are (or will be) used are badly in need of performance improvements. This typically translates into the need for better materials and with this in mind this report discusses the latest OLED materials and fabrication achievements, what the likely roadmap for OLED materials as a whole is likely to be, and what impact new materials developments are likely to have on the OLED industry.

Markets for OLED Materials: 2010 addresses all of the segments of the OLED materials market and covers both polymers and small molecules, including materials for the latest solution processable small molecule approaches to OLED fabrication. Markets for OLED Materials: 2010 also covers materials for all layers of the OLED from the photoactive materials themselves, through the electrodes and encapsulation materials. Coverage includes the role of newer nanomaterials that appear to have commercial potential in the OLED space.

As with all NanoMarkets reports, Markets for OLED Materials: 2010 provides detailed forecasts of the materials covered broken out by type and by application. Markets for OLED Materials: 2010 also includes strategic profiles of the leading firms who are developing and selling OLED materials of all kinds. The audience to which Markets for OLED Materials: 2010 is targeted should be strategic planners and marketing managers at materials firms of all kinds, electronics companies, display and lighting firms and the developers of OLED technology itself.

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