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  • Article - 22 Feb 2008
    Hybrid solar lighting technology is a technology that is capable of collecting sunlight and distributing the collected sunlight into the interior of a building using optical fibers. Hybrid solar...
  • Article - 17 Feb 2008
    Windows play an essential role in the overall energy efficiency of a home. Up to 40% of heat is lost and as much as 50% of unwanted heat is gained through windows. This heating effect is known as...
  • Article - 18 Jan 2008
    Approximately half of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere from human activities has dissolved into the ocean.
  • Article - 30 Dec 2007
    Technologies are available to filter out about 99% of the tiny impurity fragments, as well as removing more than 95% of the acid rain pollutants in coal.
  • Article - 24 Dec 2007
    As fossil fuel resources continue to decrease worldwide, more and more attention is being focused on harnessing power from renewable energies generated from alternative natural sources.
  • Article - 9 Jun 2014
    There was a time not so long ago when hybrid cars were the sole domain of mainstream manufacturers and were synonymous with uninteresting cars with excellent fuel economy. But, as that famous Bob...