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  • Article - 29 Mar 2021
    The artificial turf sector anticipates a key deliverable on an AIMPLAS project that seeks to drastically improve waste processing methods in artificial turf recycling. A sample product made from...
  • Article - 18 Sep 2020
    The rapid increase in plastic pollution has become a major concern. This article discusses the harmful effects of both microplastics and nanoplastics, and the measures/technology adopted to tackle the...
  • Article - 22 May 2020
    IBM recently announced VolCat, a plastics recycling system based on a catalytic chemical reactor that converts waste PET into a plastics raw material.
  • Article - 13 Feb 2020
    A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland discusses a novel technology that channels incidental energy from wood sources into stored electricity for future use.
  • Article - 26 Nov 2018
    While graphene has the potential to revolutionize the energy sector, there is still much work to be done before graphene-based batteries and hydrogen fuel cells are powering cars on our roads.
  • Article - 11 Oct 2018
    This article discusses using seaweed and popcorn as packaging in place of plastics
  • Article - 7 Sep 2018
    Plastic water bottles are not only a blight on the environment, it turns out they’re bad for your health too. Did you know that chemicals found in the bottles – and in plastic food containers and...
  • Article - 7 Sep 2018
    In our daily life, we are profoundly dependent on non-renewable energy like fossil fuels to run trains, buses, cars, airplanes, ships and many others. But these fossil fuels are limited and are...
  • Article - 7 Jul 2018
    Harnessing the massive amounts of energy that reaches the Earth from the Sun is a challenging but necessary step to ensure that the future energy needs of the planet can be met.
  • Article - 28 Jun 2018
    Aviation has come a long way since the Wright Brothers first took to the skies early in the 20th Century. Gone are the flimsy glider assemblies that carried a single person: today’s aeroplanes are...

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