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Cadillac Goes Green: Cadillac ELR

General Motors (GM) will soon be entering the luxury electric car market with its 2013 launch of the Cadillac ELR from Detroit. The Cadillac ELR is modeled based on the Cadillac Converj concept vehicle which was first showcased in the 2009 North American International Auto Show. In keeping with Cadillac’s tradition of three-letter international model naming convention, the newest Cadillac has been termed ‘ELR’ to suggest the electric propulsion technology used in the car.

GM is said to have invested $35 million to upgrade its assembly plant at Detroit-Hamtramck from where the new ELR will roll out. Electric cars provide numerous benefits, the significant one being a reduction of local air pollution as these cars do not have a tailpipe, and hence do not emit harmful tailpipe pollutants. GM hopes to use the ELR to resist competition from upcoming electric vehicle models from Audi and BMW in the near future.

Design of the Car

The Cadillac ELR two-door coupe is a plug-in hybrid sports car that is crafted with sharp lines to ensure a smooth drive with less resistance from air. The concept design for the interior of the ELR makes it look similar to a cockpit of a spaceship with loud colors and a swanky dashboard and display unit. Despite these new advanced features, Cadillac’s signature look will be retained for this hybrid car.

Technology Used

The ELR is designed with an electric propulsion system comprising an electric drive unit, a lithium-ion battery, and a four-cylinder gas-powered electric generator. This sleek sports car will be powered by electricity that will not run out as the range-extending electric generator can be relied upon to give several additional miles when the battery is depleted.

The ELR’s technology is based on the Converj concept car modeled on the same Voltec platform that supports the Chevrolet Volt. However, one of the plus points of the Converj is the Cadillac luxury and sleek styling that overshadows the styling of the Volt. It uses the 1.5 version of the Voltec platform, which will provide superior performance.

The ELR’s travel range is yet to be certified by federal officials. Hence it can be assumed that the travel range might be along the lines of the 2013 Volt that can travel 38 miles on a full charge with a full driving range of 380 miles.

What Makes it Different

The Cadillac has a long well-established name in the automobile industry due to its technical innovation. The ELR fits the bill as it uses the first of a kind concept of electric propulsion coupled with spectacular features and exhilarating coupe drive.

Consumer Reception

When the Cadillac ELR rolls out of the assembly plant, its distinctive look is sure to amaze both the viewers and the car enthusiasts alike. The Cadillac’s signature striking grille, vertical LED tail-lamps, and jewel-like headlamps have attracted consumers in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Although the ELR borrows many concepts from the Volt, automobile experts hope that in terms of pick up, the sporty-looking ELR will deliver better than the Volt. The increasingly volatile oil prices around the world will also help market the Cadillac’s new electric car.

Summary of the Car

Green Car Journal has chosen the Cadillac ELR as one of the five finalists to the 2012 Green Car Vision Award. The Cadillac ELR will definitely be a much-awaited car in the automobile industry next year. The environment-friendly car will compete with other luxury cars by Fisker and Tesla Motors in 2013. Experts predict that the ELR might be priced at about $60,000. If the Cadillac ELR fulfills all that it has promised to be, it is likely to point the way for future fuel-efficient luxury cars.


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