Pelletplus Sun and Biomass Energy System from Oxford Solar

Oxford Solar offers the Pelletplus sun and biomass energy system manufactured by SOLARFOCUS. This module is a combination of solar and pellet fuel heating system and used for heating water.

Pelletplus Sun and Biomass Energy System

The solar system incorporated in this module includes a solar layered tube heat exchanger, a solar low flow heat exchanger, a solar high flow heat exchanger, 90 mm shell type aluminum insulation, a layer charging lance for heat return and, a tap water heat exchanger made of stainless steel, a heating supply line. The pellet fuel heating system installed in the module includes a pellet storage container, a burning grate, a vacuum turbine, a stainless steel boiler body, a pellet in-feed with rotary valve and drive, a primary air duct, heat exchanger with automatic cleaning system, a combustion control system, an induced draft fan motor for power control and a control unit.

The power and combustion regulations system incorporated in the Pelletplus energy module adjusts the burner operations automatically and use down-burn technique for better heating and lambda sensor technology to sense the amount of unburnt oxygen in the exhaust. The dual concept system technology deployed in the module does not allow residual heat storage losses, residual boiler heat losses and rearrangement losses. The Pelletplus sun and biomass energy system offered by Oxford Solar is compact built and can be installed with minimum cost.

This module does not require charging pumps and valves and saves on space and reduce energy costs. This module offers centralized power management. The solar-charged fresh water technology incorporated in the module supplies fresh water without legionnaire bacillus. This module allows layered loading of the tank and extends solar heating support.

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