VELUX Solar Hot Water System from VELUX

VELUX offers the VELUX solar hot water system. The hot water system includes roof integrated solar collectors and a complete tank system.

The VELUX solar collectors can be installed easily utilizing standard VELUX flashings. The design of the solar tanks incorporated in the module allows usage of other heating accessories such as oil, gas, solid fuel boilers or immersion heaters to meet no solar power exigencies. The VELUX solar hot water system manufactured by the VELUX is available in various solar collector and solar tank sizes to meet hot water volume requirement in tone with the number of family members.

VELUX Solar Hot Water System

For a family of 5-6 members VELUX offers 3 x U12 solar collectors with a gross collector area of 7.5 m² and a TFF 400 0201 solar tank with a water volume of 375 L. Each of the U12 solar collectors utilized in the module carry 2.2 L water and withstands a maximum pressure of 6 bar. The height x width measurement of a U12 solar collector is 180 cm x 134 cm. The sheet steel tank utilized with this module is enamel coated and foam insulated for heat protection. The insulated diameter of TFF 400 0201 solar tank is 700 mm, its insulated height is 1591 mm, tilted height is 1745 mm and weighs 140 kg. With a total volume of 375 L of water, the tank weighs 540 kg.

The solar collectors utilized in the module are enclosed in a maintenance free aluminum capsule and offered with thick mineral wool insulation for increased performance and years of usage. The copper absorber with selective type of absorbent material utilized in the plate efficiently draws solar energy. For increased heat energy requirement more number of collectors can be added. This module incorporates solar tank controls to manage the pump operations utilizing preset options. The program panel installed in the module allows viewing of each solar collector’s temperature.

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