SPR–7000m Solar Power Inverter from SunPower

SunPower offers the SPR–7000m solar power inverter. This inverter can be conveniently used along with residential or commercial solar application modules. This inverter has a weighted CEC efficiency of over 95.5% and a peak efficiency of over 97%.

The incorporated AC-DC disconnects and fuses of this inverter reduce the material and installation costs. The adjustable AC voltage output and scalable feature to add more blocks allows easy managing solutions for increased power requirement in commercial applications. The effectual power range availability in the SPR–7000m inverter offered by the SunPower allows its usage as a single system with most of the powerful solar modules.

SPR–7000m Solar Power Inverter

The SPR–7000m model offers an AC power output of 7000 W and its max AC output current at 208, 240 and, 277V is 34, 29, and 25.3A. The available AC nominal voltage range is 183 to 229 V at 208 VAC, 211 to 264 V at 240 VAC and 244 to 305 V at 277 VAC with 60, 59.3, 60.5 Hz frequency ranges, respectively. The peak inverter efficiency of this inverter is 97.1%. The DC input voltage range of this module is 250 to 600 V, its peak power tracking voltage range is 250 to 480 V and its DC max input current is 30 A. The number of fused string inputs utilized in this inverter is 4 and its stand by power consumption is <7 W/0.25 W.

The SPR–7000m solar power inverter offered by the SunPower has a width x height x depth dimension of 18.4 in. x 24.1 in. x 9.5 in. and weighs 143 lbs. This inverter utilizes NEMA 3R enclosure and can be conveniently mounted over a wall by utilizing the standard wall brackets. This inverter meets the certification and compliance requirements of IEEE–929, IEEE–1547, UL 1741–2005, UL 1998, FCC Part 15 A & B.

Source: http://us.sunpowercorp.com

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