Solar-Powered Kitchen Showcases Importance of Renewable Solar Energy

Pacific Gas and Electric Company is providing the key ingredient for this year's California Ag Day -- the power of the sun -- to cook up a successful event recognizing the state's agricultural industry. Aligning with this year's theme of "Decisions Today will be Impacting Tomorrow," PG&E and Food Television Network's Guy Fieri will highlight and demonstrate the importance of renewable solar energy. The celebrity chef, along with approximately 20 "solar students" will cook healthy food on PG&E's solar-powered kitchen.

"PG&E's solar kitchen showcases the best of California -- healthful food grown locally and cooked with the power of the sun," said Ophelia Basgal, vice president of civic partnerships and community initiatives at PG&E. "What better and fun way to illustrate the impact renewable power can make on our future than to have a celebrity chef instruct our future leaders on the importance of healthy eating by using solar power."

Celebrity Chef Fieri's cooking demonstration will illustrate the importance of cooking healthy meals with our children so they understand proper nutrition from an early age. To assist Fieri with the challenge of feeding thousands of spectators, students from Plainfield Elementary in Woodland and Evergreen Elementary in Paradise will come equipped with solar ovens to bake sweet potato fries.

The solar ovens were purchased through a Bright Ideas Grant funded by the PG&E Solar Schools Program, a nationally-recognized program for teaching the value of alternative energy. The students use the ovens to bake goods and sell at fundraisers. With the money raised, the students purchase additional solar ovens that are sent to third world countries where they are used as a primary source for cooking.

PG&E was a key sponsor of 2007's Ag Day as well. The company powered the event using biogas made from dairy cow manure. The demonstration, which included a dairy cow and a manure digester, also showed how clean, renewable energy can power our future.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company proudly provides its customers with some of the cleanest energy in the nation. On average, over 50 percent of the energy delivered to its electric customers is carbon free. Already, 20 percent of PG&E's contracts for future energy delivery meet California's renewable energy standard. Through its leading energy efficiency programs, the company has helped prevent over 135 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, while saving its customers nearly $22 billion.

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