Green Automotive’s Subsidiary GoinGreen Unveils the New Electric Mia

Green Automotive Company, a state-of-the-art niche vehicle design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales company, driving innovation in the use of cutting edge zero and low emission technologies, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary GoinGreen, the pioneer of electric vehicles in the UK, has started selling the electric Mia.

The original EV specialist has already generated big interest from customers since launching this unique little EV city car.

The Mia is an attractive vehicle for customers living in cities and offers a wide range of innovative solutions to make daily life easier: ultra-compact, silent, economical, zero-emission, and with a range of up to 80 miles, the unique electric vehicle is ideal for taking children to school each day, doing the shopping or simply heading into work every day.

Measuring only 2.87 m (9ft. 5in.) in length (SWB), the Mia offers unrivalled manoeuvrability in traffic. Sliding doors ensure convenient access, particularly in car parks with very narrow spaces and avoid the need for contortions when putting children in a child seat. It is one of the most economical electric cars on the market: For the price of slightly more than two full tanks of gas in a conventional car, you can cover 6,200 miles with the Mia in the UK.

Ian Hobday, CEO of GAC, stated: “In a very short time, we have generated huge interest for the electric Mia and sales are increasing on a weekly basis. GoinGreen pioneered electric vehicles in the UK 10 years ago with the G-Wiz, making London the capital of the electric vehicle (EV) with over 1400 vehicles distributed in the UK alone. In only one year we can clearly see that consumers have started to be more open to purchasing an electric car. They recognize the benefits of driving a zero emission vehicle.”


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