Disposable Food Service Items Made from Renewable Plant Materials

StalkMarket®, the leading provider of eco-friendly disposable tableware and food packaging in the United States, today announced that it has added two new lines to its family of products. Both product lines are intended to allow the food service industry to offer its customers a wider selection of disposable food service items made from 100% renewable plant materials that are also completely biodegradable and compostable.

The Planet Plus® by StalkMarket line consists of paper hot cups, soup containers and cold cups that are lined with a thin biopolymer coating that prevents them from leaking, but allows them to quickly biodegrade once discarded. Most disposable paper cups on the market today use an oil-based polymer coating, which can prevent them from breaking down in a landfill for years.

The Jaya™ by StalkMarket line consists of clear cups, lids, drinking straws and cutlery made of advanced biopolymers and is intended to provide an environmentally superior choice to items that are traditionally made of petroleum-based plastic. While most Jaya products look and feel very similar to traditional plastic disposables there is one major difference – they can be broken down in a commercial composter in a matter of weeks.

“Our Planet Plus and Jaya products provide excellent alternatives to some of the most widely used and environmentally destructive disposables in the industry,” said Bret “Buzz” Chandler, president and founder of StalkMarket. “The number of hot cups and clear cups used hourly by the coffee industry alone is mind-boggling and is rightly becoming a cause for genuine concern.”

In fact, several local governments have already begun to pass regulations regarding the use of environmentally unsound food packaging and more are sure to follow. In addition, as consumers become more aware that the food service industry has viable alternatives to traditional service items that are harmful to the environment, they are becoming less willing to tolerate businesses that aren’t taking advantage of them.

Conversely, recent studies have shown that consumers are beginning to actively seek out businesses that do offer earth-friendly solutions and are even willing to pay more to help support them. The good news is that StalkMarket products are intentionally priced to be competitive with the products they are intended to replace so food and beverage providers can go green without having to sacrifice profits.

StalkMarket products are available to restaurants, institutional food service providers and retailers through its national network of distributors. They are also available to consumers nationwide through a variety of grocery stores and retail outlets or online at www.amazon.com. To view the entire line of Planet Plus and Jaya products or to locate your nearest distributor, go to www.stalkmarketproducts.com.

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