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SOLA II Flare for Refineries from Thermo Fisher Scientific Delivers Fast Results, Unmatched Dynamic Range and Smaller Footprint

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced a more compact and cost-efficient solution for refineries and related facilities seeking to meet the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sulfur emission regulations. Originally introduced as a two-analyzer system, the Thermo Scientific SOLA II Flare has been redesigned as a single analyzer system for continuous monitoring of sulfur emissions. It offers a dynamic measurement range of 10 ppm to 95 percent of volume, enabling determination of the exact amount of sulfur emitted as well as the duration of the flaring event.

Since the introduction of the SOLA II Flare, Thermo Fisher has installed several two-analyzer systems in California refineries to help in compliance with Rule 1118 of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). The redesigned single-analyzer system has a much smaller footprint, requires less maintenance and uses less utility and carrier gases. Collectively these new features lower operating and maintenance costs and minimize overall expense.

“We are committed to developing products that help our customers comply with government regulations as well as provide a significant return on investment,” said Mike Landers, refining sales manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The SOLA II Flare is based on our highly successful SOLA II technology platform and is an all-encompassing solution for reliable 24-7 online sulfur measurement. It provides our customers with an accurate, dynamic system that ensures they will have the measuring range necessary to comply with current, as well as future, EPA regulations.”

Thermo Fisher and Mangan Inc., a systems integrator with extensive experience in environmental monitoring of flares, have partnered to provide refineries with a complete, turnkey flare emission monitoring solution. After collaborating with Thermo Fisher Scientific following the SCAQMD ruling, Mangan gained an understanding of how to seamlessly integrate the SOLA II Flare into existing plant infrastructures to expedite start-ups and minimize potential downtime.

“Up to this point, refineries often reported sulfur emission estimates or averages during a flaring event without having real data to substantiate them,” said Amin Solehjou, managing director at Mangan. “After our work with Thermo Fisher in California, we realized that the online monitoring of the SOLA II Flare enabled actual sulfur quantities to be recorded, even at very low levels. We trust its performance and believe it is the right analyzer for customers who need reliable, real-time measurements.”

The SOLA Flare is backed by thirty years of analyzer engineering expertise and Thermo Fisher Scientific’s worldwide service and support network. For more information visit:

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