Surprise Findings of Green Survey Reveal People Find Adopting Earth Friendly Changes Are Difficult

With Earth Day just around the corner, a new MSN Green survey finds it's not always so easy being green. The survey found that overwhelmingly, almost 70 percent of the Americans surveyed say that they would never limit toilet flushes to conserve water or use a kitchen compost.

As the country prepares to celebrate Earth Day, statistics show America produces enough trash in one day to equal the weight of the Empire State Building.* Although half of respondents say they recycle everything possible, the rest of America needs some convincing, or some help. Nearly half (46 percent) say it will take a simplified system for identifying recyclables and curbside pickup to motivate them to recycle all their waste. However, according to the MSN Green Earth Day Survey, almost 20 percent of people still do not have access to a local recycling service, and others do not know what a carbon footprint is.

"Educating one's self is a quick and easy way for people to play a part in this year's Earth Day," said Lisa Tiedt, MSN Green Expert. "MSN Green ( is the all-in-one source for news, information and tools that inspire people to enrich their lives and the environment -- around the world and around the block."

"To achieve long-term sustainability, Americans are going to have to go above and beyond their traditional green routines of recycling, and work to influence policy that will open up additional recycling options and keep people from littering," Tiedt said.

Luckily, some people are showing their willingness to becoming more eco-friendly.

When asked what deed they would do to help reduce their carbon footprint, almost half (49 percent) of respondents said they would either give up air conditioning for a summer or become a vegetarian for a year. However, eco-friendliness has its limits. According to the survey, almost a third of the Americans surveyed say it would take either a tax credit or $1 million for them to recycle or compost all of their waste.

Forty percent of respondents believe that most people go green for factors unrelated to the environment. Instead, they believe most do it because of a celebrity role model or because they are a trend follower. So, if all else fails, America can always look to celebrities to lead the green charge -- with Leonardo DiCaprio heading the pack among female respondents as the most inspirational eco-celeb and Cameron Diaz among male respondents.

From eco-friendly cooking and cleaning tips to the best hybrid cars and gardening tips, MSN Green gives eco-friendly citizens all the information they desire. Consumers can find tips and tricks on how to achieve a more happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle at

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