KVS 9100 Wood Cookers with Boilers

Eurostove distributes a range of wood cookers including the KVS cooker with boiler 9100 model. The cooker incorporates a 6 kilowatt boiler that burns wood. The wood combustion cooker cum boiler offers different settings for winter and summer. The cooker is equipped with a large log store beneath the oven. This provides convenient storage of logs, for use in the boiler.

KVS 9100 Wood Cooker

The wood cooker is also featured with full riddling dump and riddling grate. These features make the KVS 9100 cooker with boiler, user friendly. The maximum heat output of the wood cooker is 10 kilowatts, from which 6 kilowatts is provided to water and 4 kilowatts to space heating. The combustion chamber of the boiler is large and allows easy adjustments for winter and summer burning regimes. The oven of the cooker is available in left handed or right handed version. The quick heat oven provides an efficient baking performance.

The KVS 9100 cooker with boiler is available with options for flue on top, rear or sides. The glass oven door includes a temperature gauge. The cooking top of the cooker measures 0.37 square meter in surface area. The overall dimensions of the cooker with boiler are 850 x 924 x 600mm, with the oven measuring 294 x 400 x 482mm. On an average, the cooker consumes 4kg of fuel per hour.

Source: http://eurostove.co.uk

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