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Kedco Offers Bulk Wood Pellets

Kedco supplies renewable energy heating products including wood pellet stoves, wood pellet boilers, bulk wood pellets and solid fuel stoves for residential applications. Kedco supplies wood pellets also for space heating and other heating requirements for both residential and industrial markets. Wood pellets are economical and every 2.2 tons of pellets that are used for heating prevents using 1000 liters of oil for burning. This prevents emission of two tons of Carbon dioxide.

The wood pellets offered by Kedco are DINplus standard wood pellets with high energy content. No binding agents and additives are used while manufacturing these pellets. The raw materials are dried and crushed with a hammer mill to become particles. The crushed particles are then pressed through a pelleting process and the pellets are cooled finally to provide maximum quality. The natural element called lignin, which is present in the raw material, is released under pressure during the pelleting process and it helps to combine the pellets together.

The Kedco wood pellets are CO2-neutral. They help industries to minimize carbon emission that result in lower carbon footprint, tradable carbon credits and CCL exemption. These pellets are cost-efficient, easy to handle and ignite. The company directly delivers bagged wood pellets to customers.


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